The Kyl Gambling Bill Act

The Kyl Gambling Bill Act

I interpret that the bill leaves the door open to legalizing internet gambling. Enforcing this law using prohibition of transactions is just stupid, if ISP’s will decide to block and filter casino sites like in Italy it would be more effective. That’s why I think that you don’t need to let panic take over — This Gambling Bill represent nothing as I concern.

I’m sure the software providers and eCash companies have already in place a way round this, if they haven’t more fool them.

Neteller for example could sell invisible apples from an online store for $100 each and you get a free $100 in casino chips for whatever casino you choose like Bodog casino.

You haven’t bought casino chips or bought from an online gaming site you have simply bought an invisible apple from an online store and got some free chips.

There are a million ways round this situation, I’m sure everyone is shocked it gets piggy backed on national security do they really think (of course they don’t) online casinos = terrorists? Tell that to Richard Branson he of virgin airlines fame oh and virgin casino fame. (Wonder if he will get arrested one day soon) I think it all boils down to religion and politics, and people shouldn’t have religious views: anti gambling ones forced onto them.

And I do think that yes there are a million ways round it – just as there are a million ways of getting round illegal drug restrictions.

Let’s say that I’m interested in learning what the end result will be on this, but in my opinion, it will not hurt the industry for the long run, if at all, it might hurt 20-30% in the near future, but it’s not a pie that the operators and affiliates can’t gain back by marketing to other countries that we’re abandoned during the rush for the gold in American player value, I’ve heard south Africa players worth a lot and play a lot but still no support for them and very little marketing efforts.

I find it hard to believe that the U.S. government is going to be able to effectively prevent citizens from gambling at online casinos. The U.S. government isn’t very good at solving problems.

I fail to remember anything that they’ve accomplished over the past year to actually help the people. It would be nice to know how much time it takes for a bill to go from being signed by the president to actually becoming an enforceable law. Again, being optimistic, I can’t see bank executives and ISP executives getting up Monday morning all fired up to enforce this.

It will be more difficult than Alcohol prohibition. I just think we need to calm down until things become clearer this week.

This law may be unconstitutional too. Blocking free access to websites is a tricky situation. Remember the Communications Decency Act was struck down as unconstitutional. That was to ban kiddie porn.

And I don’t think there were many pro-kiddie porn lobbyists out there. My conclusion is that you may find this Gambling Bill something that will hurt the industry while in fact, it’s something that may be in the near future will help the U.S. to understand they can get more tax from and revise the law, and by the operator’s side is good for marketing to new countries and places such as South Africa.

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1 year ago

Before playing the casino games every one must know the acts which are all followed by the casino in that kyl gambling act is one of the major act which every one must read it. This article explains it more detailed.


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